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The greenpois0n jailbreak software for iOS 4.1 is what many jailbreak fans have been craving for. Finally, the Chronic Dev Team, the makers of the greenpois0n software have announced that greenpois0n is going to be released on 10/10/10 at 10:00 GMT. I’m glad that the release date has been announced because so many of you have been complaining in the comments, and insulting the makers of greenpois0n.
Now that the greenpois0n release date is announced, those that were accusing greenpois0n of being fake, cussing in the comments, and insulting the makers of greenpois0n can keep quiet. I hope those that said negative comments will apologize and thank Chronic Dev Team for the jailbreak. You have to realize that what they did is not your typical jailbreak, and it’s a very big thing.
If you want to download greenpois0n, go to the greenpois0n download page on 10/10/10 at 10:00 GMT and we will have the download links up. I’ll work on making a guide too and will try to have it up ASAP. Also follow *QuickPWN on Twitter because we will tweet the moment greenpois0n is released.



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